Imagine that you want to create a perfect, unique look, but lack options. That was Charlie Lindström's problem when he worked as a stylist. Together with childhood friend Daniel Djurdjevic, he started Chimi Eyewear, a Stockholm-based sunglasses company.

The mood is an expression, and Chimi believes that style is reflected depending on how you feel. Chimi is for anyone who is keen to match their style in different colours. The collection places no restrictions on expressing itself as a person. The Eger collection comes in 5 classic shapes in 6 different colours to match all the moods and lifestyles of colourful people. The lenses are 100% UV protective. Sunglasses are affordable in price without compromising on quality, so you can afford more than one pair.

Head to Høyer at Eger today to secure a pair of Chimi sunglasses.