Month in Outfits


February is a month filled with happenings. We have gathered the outfits that will make it easy for you to celebrate love, workout from home, or to wear for your daily venture outside. Welcome to our "Month in outfits" February edition.

1. Blazer from By Malene Birger, 2.T-shirt from Gestuz, 3.Jeans from Samsøe Samsøe, 4.Ring from Bjørg, 5.Necklace from Hasla, 6.Earrings from Emilia By Bon Dep, 7.Heels from By Malene Birger and everything is from Høyer. 

1.Coat from Sandro. 2.Purse from Tiger of Sweden, Høyer. 3.Dress from Sandro. 4.Necklace from Maria Black, Høyer. 5.Ring from Maria Black, Høyer. 6.Boots from Ganni, Høyer.

1.Earrings from Jane Køenig, Høyer. 2.Dress from Baum und Pferdgarten, Høyer. 3.Ring from Maria Black, Høyer. 4.Purse from Maje. 5.Bracelet from Bjørg, Høyer. 6.Heels from Tiger of Sweden, Høyer.

1.Beanie from Samsøe Samsøe, Høyer. 2.Sweater from Sandro. 3.Jeans from Frame, Høyer. 4.Down jacket from Fleischer Couture, Høyer. 5.Googles from Chimi, Høyer.

1.Cardigan from Maje, 2.Top from Gestuz, Høyer. 3.Trousers from Maje, 4.Hand lotion from Sprekenhus.

1.Caps from Rotate, Høyer. 2.T-shirt from Sporty and Rich, Høyer. 3.Leggings from Sandro. 4.Top from Sandro. 5.Shoes from Samsøe Samsøe, Høyer.