Month in outfits


This year the month of april starts right in the middle of the easter, and hopefully we are at the cabin or in the park enjoying the sun. We’ve collected outfits that you can wear everyday. Keen in mind that several of the Eger stores offers alternative shopping methods. You can read more about it here. 

Welcome to “Month in Outfits” April edition.

1.Scarf from By Malene Birger, Høyer. 2.Shirt from Sandro. 3.Skirt from Munthe, Høyer. 4.Purse from Chloé, Høyer Luxury. 5.Shoes from Sandro.

1.Sweater from Isabel Marant Étoile, Høyer. 2.Jeans from Sandro. 3.Earrings from Enamel, Høyer. 4.Purse from Maje. 5.Boots from Sandro.

1.Blazer from Zadig et Voltaire. 2.Earring from Maria Black, Høyer. 3.Jeans from Mother, Høyer. 4.Purse from Fendi, Høyer Luxury. 5.Shoes from Ganni, Høyer.

1.Swather from Varley, Høyer. 2.Sportsbra from Lululemon. 3.Tights from Lululemon. 4.Sneakers from Puma, Høyer.

1.Dress from Sandro Paris. 2.Belt from Maje. 3.Purse from Givenchy, Høyer Luxury. 4.Boots from Maje.

1.Cardigan from Munthe, Høyer. 2.Jeans from Milk Atelier, Høyer. 3.Purse from Chloé, Høyer Luxury. 4.Top from Zadig et Voltaire. 5.Sneakers from Zadig et Voltaire.