Did you know that you can recycle coffee capsules at Nespresso?


Recycle your coffee capsules and you might win exclusive prizes every month. It's easy to participate!

Nespresso uses aluminium for the capsules protecting their coffees to ensure you get the freshest cup of quality coffee every time. It provides the best protection against oxygen, light and humidity, which can really affect the taste.

But that’s just the start of it — aluminium is also 100 per cent and infinitely recyclable, meaning Nespresso coffee capsules start as and become new aluminium products once recycled.

In Norway, you can deliver used coffee capsules in the Nespresso store at EGER or at “Posten” all over the country. Nespresso guarantee that the delivered coffee capsules are sent for recycling so that they can be converted into new coffee capsules or other products.

Nespresso are very grateful that you help us recycle the used coffee capsules – and as a thank you we will give you the opportunity to win selected prizes made from used Nespresso coffee capsules. They will draw 10 lucky winners each month until December 2020, and in December a Limited Edition Vélosophy bike can also be won.

Put a sticker on your recycling bag and join the competition. You can pick up the stickers at EGER or order on this page.


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