Coffee made for ice

Limited Edition by Nespresso

Nespresso has launched an iced coffee that is perfect for summer! Enjoy a refreshing ice coffee with the delicate fruity and grainy tones of Barista Creations ICE LEGGERO. As the coffee is poured over the ice cubes, the elegant flavors of Ethiopian coffee refresh you like a delicious summer breeze. Lightly burnt and painted deliver this delicate, cool sensation, the light tones will dance in the palate.

Nespresso recommends serving it as follows: 1 coffee capsule (80ml) over a cup filled with ice cubes (180g). You may want to fill the rest of the cup with cold water or cold milk (180ml).

Vertuo Ice Leggero

Vertuo Ice Forte

Vertuo Iskaffe Duopakke - 20 Kaffekapsler